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Frequently asked questions (FAQ'S)

Mustache and beard loss usually,


  • genetic factors,
  • various diseases,
  • used drugs
  • environmental factors,
  • may occur due to previous surgery.

People who have visual problems with mustache and beard loss are also affected psychologically. If these people do not succeed in trying various treatments without surgery, beard and mustache transplantation comes to thefore.

It is the process of transferring the previously analyzed hair follicles from the nape of the scalp without any shedding feature to the beard and mustache areas with the help of special devices. Today, thanks to technological advances in the field of medicine, hair transplantation procedures are performed in a much more comfortable way.

In beard and mustache planting, especially two methods are applied.


In Fue Technique,


After analyzing the hair area without shedding feature in the nape region, it is the process of transferring the single roots suitable for the beard and mustache structure, to the region where the beard and mustache will be planted individually by opening the channels.


In DHI Technique,

In the nape region, the area designated for the uptake of hair follicles is shaved first. This area is disinfected with the help of antiseptic solutions.

  • If the Fue technique is to be applied, the area is disinfected before the planting with antiseptic, anesthetized with local anesthesia and then inflated to that area with a special liquid, then millimeter channels are opened and the roots in the solution are placed one by one manually.
  • If DHI technique is applied, antisepsis is applied to the area, anesthetized with local anesthesia, then the hair follicles waiting in solution are loaded onto the pens and transplanted directly without opening any channel and inflating in the region.

For men, the beard and mustache area is a characteristic feature and it is an important factor that affects people in terms of psychological and social status visually. People who have not tried and succeeded for years in the non-surgical treatments, want to have transplantation in the beard and mustache region.


Since the success rate of beard and mustache transplantation is very high, it has become the preferred treatment method today. Our country develops itself with the medical team and technological equipment day by day and it is becoming the most preferred attraction center abroad for transplantation.

  • Beard and mustache transplantation is one of the most demanding and sensitive planting procedures for a physician. Since a significant part of the face will be treated, a wrong application can cause serious problems visually.
  • There may be permanent wounds in the beard and mustache area.
  • Any infection that may occur in the beard and mustache area can create a serious risk to other organs of the face.
  • If a professional planting is not carried out, there may be various visual problems related to both the direction and intensity of the beard and mustache.

Beard and mustache may vary depending on the size of the area to be cultivated, the technique to be used, the hospital conditions to be performed and the professionalism of the team. Beard & Moustache transplantation price range from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.

Firstly, it is determined whether people are suitable for beard and mustache planting. For this purpose, the region is examined with the analysis devices under the control of the physician, blood tests to determine whether there is any risk or the presence of permanent discomfort.


The hair follicles needed for beard and mustache transplantation in the nape of people who have fulfilled the appropriate criteria are determined both in terms of number and quality. Disinfection of the region is done after the region is shaved in order to remove the roots easily. After the region is anesthetized with local anesthesia, the roots are taken individually with micromotors and kept in special solutions. According to the transplanting technique, the transplant process of the roots may vary.


Beard and mustache transplantation also involves the same stages as hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation. First stage is uptake, second stage is followed by the sequencing and control of the roots then last stage is followed by planting. As we mentioned above, if FUE or DHI technique is used for transplanting, the procedure will only be different during the transplantation stage.

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