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DHI hair Transplant (Direct hair Implant) Technique is a very highly renound technique, it doesn’t require a trace and cut. The purpose of this technique is to minimize the time period of grafts taken from the back of the head to be healthy and strong.


Hair roots are taken from the donor area. no cuts are made in the area hair is taken with a pen and planted to the area that is needed.


There is no area to be cut and sown and no incision is made in the area to get the roots of the hair. this technique is the classic FUE technique. DHI allows the healing process to be faster overall.


the most important part of DHI is the fact that the transplantation is healthier and has less downtime when they’re outside of your body by minimizing the time that they are outside hair roots will be placed inside the scalp with a painless special pen tips.

How will DHI be performed?

  • Hair Analysis: First all of our Hair team will used computer assisted hair analysis by understanding your hair structure, quality, hair loss potential the density of the donor hair and make judgement accordingly to what and how you should have your hair.
  • Taking the roots: your hair will be cut to a certain length and prepared to design your front hairline. The hair follicles are removed from the area without any pain due to the local anesthesia, with the help of super fine .1mm needles removed indivually, in order to preserve the quality of hair the hairs are preserved in a solution, later on they’re seperated and classified single doubles triples and quads
  • Placement: With the help of the DHI Pen we use the 1mm needle to plant the hairs individualy and are placed in the desired areas at the desired angle and depth.
  • Natural results: 100% natural looking results once the hair roots are settled with the correct angles and depths the planted hair will no longer fall out and will grow continuously after.

Whats the difference between DHI and FUE?

  • FUE method can only have 40-45 per 1cm² whilst the DHI can have 110-120 per 1cm².
  • FUE Is a more invasive procedure with a lot of bleeding, with DHI bleeding is very rare because the roots are placed directly under the skin at the right angles and has a higher success rate than FUE.
  • Operation can be performed in men and women without the need for a full hair cut.
  • If you do not have enough donor hair you can use chest or facial hair as a replacement.
  • Roots taken in FUE are subjected to decomposition process as singles and doubles roots taken can also die during the separation process. However with DHI the roots are going to be selectively taken to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • With FUE there is a chance of the hairs not always being planted in a natural way. With the DHI process hair follicles can be placed in any desired direction and hair is removed in near perfect angles.
  • FUE transplant can cause some of the hairs to die another benefit to DHI is that there is less of that which also means recovery starts sooner and hair starts to grow earlier than normal.
  • DHI uses single use tools so can be a little bit more costly than FUE.
  • DHi uses 0.1mm needles so you wont feel any pain when roots are placed.
  • DHI transplant healing process is quick 1 week you’ll wash your hair and continue on with your social activities from where you left off.

What are the advantages of DHI?

  • DHI More hair roots can be apllied.
  • More hair per square centimer.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Hair doesnt need to be cut.
  • Doesn’t create a scar or trauma.
  • Minimum Bleeding.
  • Risk of infection is low as roots are placed directly.
  • Less tiring and comfortable for the patient.
  • Higher survival rates.
  • Not only just head transplants.
  • Thin needles are used and hair looks more natural.
  • If there isnt enough donor hair. Hair can be transfered from other parts of the body.

DHI Transplant Healing Process

  • With DHI healing is quicker and crusting of skin isnt long at all.
  • 5-6 days after the operation crusting will finish 15-21 days your hairs will start to grow slowly and after shedding you hair will get stronger and stronger.
  • After 3 months new hair will become visable.
  • In 6 months you can see that your hair is 60% to 70% covered.
  • After 12 months you will see that your hair is 99% done and completed with all processes.

Recommendations before taking the operation

  • Dont take any blood thinners such as asprin a week prior to operation
  • Dont take alcohol 3 days prior
  • If you take medications you have to use regularly tell your doctor
  • If you use any vitamin E or multivitamins you shouldn’t take it 1 day prior
  • Have breakfast when you come to the operation
  • Do not cut your hair too short when you come to us
  • When you come to the operation you can dress comfortably dont wear cloths that could rub on your head
  • You can use a sports hat that can be adjusted from the back after the operation

Recommendations after taking the operation

  • Do not hit the area where the hair transplant is done for 7-10 days.
  • Bandages should be removed 1 day after the operation
  • Washing is started by the next day if it is done by us but if you are going to do it yourself we recommend that you start on day 2.
  • We will show you how to wash your hair (wash 1 a day)
  • 7-10 days your hair needs to be washed regularly.
  • After the 7th day crustation will end up falling off.
  • On the 10th day there should be no crust left, this can effect the healing process.
  • Stay away from sports saunas pool and sea for 15 days+
  • Wear a hat if the sun is very strong on the 1st month.
  • After 10 days once the crust has fallen off you can start using regular shampoo.

How can i wash my hair after the operation ?

  • The bandage is removed day 1 after the operation if you are going to wash your hair it is advised to start washing on the 2-3 day but if you want it to be washed by us you can start on your 1st day after the operation.
  • Lotion is given and is highly recommended for you to use the area should be gently pressed (without rubbing or massaging)
  • After wait for 30 minutes and remove the lotion with warm water and apply the shampoo that is given to rinse the hair carefully (No rubbing is HIGHLY recomended)
  • Dry your hair with a warm or cold hair dryer (Not too Hot)
  • This wash is repeated once per day for 7-10 days.
  • On the 7th day you can remove the crust little by little adding the lotion can help it soften up and you can press a little more firm.
  • We highly recommend shedding the crust on days 7-10 (max 15) as it can have a adverse affect for the healing process.
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