DHI Hair Transplant Aftercare Frequently Asked Questions

You should take special precautions before you have your hair transplant, in order to prevent accesive bleeding that may occur during the operation. No Asprin pain reliever or any form of drug that can cause blood to thin alchol etc. for 1 whole week and or any drug use this can cause problems during the operation.

Hair is examined accordingly to the size of the area with the help of a micro scope later on roots are seperated into groups and counted up we encourage our patients to take pictures of the roots so that you know the exact amount of grafts is done.

In men and women, the hairline should be designed accordingly to the facial structure, there is no standard for this. the design of the line follows the natural curvature and angle of the fore head. the angles are made from the most lateral end of the eye brow to give a more natural look.

The newly formed hairline has a straight, wavy and broken pattern to ensure that it truely looks as natural as possible.

The arches of the eyebrows, the lateral ends of the eyebrow line and the forehead structure is used as important points in creating a new hairline.

DHI is a painless procedure the procedure will have less irritation than having a tattoo. its performed by using local anesthesia. during the transplantation you can watch TV listen to music and enjoy a light lunch.

We can grab the hairs from any part of your body chest facial hair is usually the next best bets.

DHI is done under the most sterile conditions. We pride ourselves in this we have strict rules about sterile equipment and many protocols are implemented to make sure that nothing goes wrong during and after.

Each DHI session uses disposable implanter pens and needles, after the operation the materials are used and destroyed in front of the patient after each procedure and are not used ever again.

DHI Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

You can go back to work on the first day after the operation. you have to be protected againsted excessive sunlight, cardio exercises swimming, fitness, bath etc. you can start the activities after 2 weeks If you do have a sports related work such as weight lifting you can start 4 weeks after the operation.

You can cut your hair after 15 days later Recomendation of hair dye is around the 6 month mark for maximum hair growth.

The full result of the hair transplant will be seen within 12 months. Hair growth appears within 1 month but hair starts to really start showing at 3-5 months

10% of the roots that have been transplanted will fall however that is the natural life span of hair, the rest will stay lifelong because they are resistant to hormonal hair loss.

No complications occur during the operation. However some patients may experirence mild headaches swelling and ichyness, you can use the drugs that are given after the operation to help with this.

Scarring usually is not seen at all but after the transplant crusting will occur on the head for about 5 days.

It is advisable to use pain medication just to help ease any pain or irritation for 3 days after the transplant.

You dont need to use any medication to prevent hair loss after DHI transplant. PRP Stemcell therapy is reccommended to prevent hair to fall off by strengthening the current hair.

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