Patient Rights

Every individual who applies to our institution for diagnosis and treatment is able to follow the rights outlined in this document, which are supervised by our health tourism team.

1 - Right to Utilize Services:

1.1: Regardless of their physical, intellectual, or social traits, everyone who applies to our institution is entitled to the available diagnostic and treatment options.

1.2: The patient has the right to select the physician and/or health institution, and to switch at any time throughout the course of treatment.

2 – The Right to Reputation and Respect:

2.1: The patient has the right to be treated in a courteous, kind, caring, and friendly manner at all times, while having his or her individual dignity respected.

They have the right to obtain a health service if all types of hygienic conditions are given and all sources of noise and disturbances are eradicated.

3 - Privacy Right:

The patient has the right to obtain all types of health care services in a private setting. He can freely request that his privacy be protected. All types of medical procedures are performed with the patient's privacy in mind.

4 – Right to Request Documents:

The patient has the right to learn about health services and options, as well as to obtain any and all information regarding his health status.

5 – Selecting and Altering the Health Organization and Staff:

5.1: He has the right to choose and modify the health institution, to receive health services from the chosen health institution, and to discover the identities, duties, and titles of the doctors and other health professionals who will offer health services.

6 - Right to Inspect Records and Maintain Confidentiality:

6.1: The patient may inspect the file and records containing information on his/her health state directly or with a representative, and may make a copy of the material. Only individuals directly involved in the patient's care may read these documents.

They have the right to obtain all types of health treatments in a setting that ensures their privacy.

7 – Refusal, Discontinuance, and Consent:

7.1: He has the right to refuse the treatment, to request that it be halted, to acquire his consent for medical interventions, and to receive the service in accordance with his consent.

No one; no medical intervention may be performed for the sake of experience, research, or teaching without the agreement of the patient.

8 – Eighth Amendment:

8.1 Necessary steps are taken to ensure that patients can freely perform their religious responsibilities within the hospital's capabilities.

9 - Visitation and Accompanying Rights:

9.1: The admission of patient visitors is conducted in line with the hospital's protocols and guiding principles and in a manner that does not result in acts or attitudes that disturb the peace and tranquillity of the patients, and all necessary precautions are made to ensure this.

9.2: To assist the patient during the examination and treatment; To the extent that legislation and hospital facilities permit and the patient's health situation allows, a companion may be sought, subject to the agreement of the treating physician.

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