How Many Days Should I Take Care of Hair Washing ?

The first hair wash after the hair transplant operation starts 48 hours after the operation. After this first wash, hair washing continues once a day (in the morning) with shampoos suitable for sensitive skin for 10 days with the sensitivity of the first day. From the 10th day, hair washing will be continued with a shampoo suitable for the skin type.

Steps of Hair Washing After Hair Transplantation

Patients who have hair transplantation are subjected to some preparations by the planting staff before washing;


  • The wound band on the nape of the hair follicles is soaked with warm water and it is slowly removed without pain due to adhesion.
  • A sterile towel is then placed around the patient’s neck. In a special washing unit, the patient’s head is positioned in the back. rinsing process is started on the newly transplanted hair follicles with non-pressurized and warm water.
  • After rinsing, foaming is applied without touching the newly transplanted hair follicles with dexpanthenol foam or shampoos which are generally suitable for sensitive skin and do not contain additives. After this process, waited for about 5 minutes and with the same sensitivity, the rinsing process is carried out with non-pressurized and warm water without touching the hair follicles.
  • In the drying phase, drying is performed with sterile gauze cloth on wet areas in the nape where the hair follicles are removed without touching the newly transplanted hair follicles.
  • After this stage, a cream or lotion with antiseptic and wound care is applied carefully to ensure rapid healing of the nape and to protect the area from infection. After this step, no bandage is required.
  • While performing these steps, patients are instructed by the doctor in a practical way how to wash and wound care for 10 days.

Why Washing After Hair Transplantation is Important?

In order to clean blood shells formed after hair transplantation, microbes such as bacteria, fungi and parasites that may arise from contact or environmental factors are cleaned with shampoo and water. In addition to this, washing hair after hair transplantation provides moistening of the area, so itching and tension are decreased and comfort is increased. 


The wound bandage is opened in the nape region, the wound shells formed by washing effect are cleaned and the antiseptic feature of the water is utilized.

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