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Frequently asked questions (FAQ'S)

The meaning of the PRP refers to the platelet rich plasma. As a primary process, approximately 10 cc of blood from venous blood is placed in PRP kits and then started to run in centrifuge devices.


The dense cell part of the blood accumulates in the lower part of the PRP kit, the denser part of the plasma part accumulates in the middle. The less dense part of the plasma portion accumulates at the top. The bottom dense part of the cell is separated by a special tube, the dense middle part of the plasma is drawn into an injector, which is approximately 2 or 3cc. Then the same application with another prp kit is done with 10 cc blood. Again, 2 to 3 cc of the dense part of the plasma is collected, then combined with approximately 5 cc stem cell stimulating factor is withdrawn into insulin injectors and applied to the scalp with 1 cm each.

The plasma taken to the insulin injector is injected into the disinfected scalp with 5 units in the middle part of the skin with 1 cm intervals to ensure that the region is rich in stem cell stimulating factor.

People suffering from hair loss due to genetic causes

  • PRP can be applied to patients who have hair loss complaints despite treatment.

Since PRP contains a stem cell stimulating factor, it triggers the stem cell to stimulate and form new cells and produce new hair protein (Creatine) in the scalp.

  • It shortens the hair loss process and strengthens the weakened hair.
  • Stimulates other cell groups in the scalp to increase subcutaneous collagen
  • It strengthens the body’s defense system. Therefore, it is effective in wrinkles, aging effects and scars.

PRP is taken from our own blood, because of this, there is no disadvantage.

It is important to pay attention to sterilization during prp application and not to make patient groups other than indication.

Although it varies depending on the amount of prp used and the properties of the kit used, it is used by many physicians in the world for treatment purposes. Prices vary according to clinical, physician and practice sessions. The prices of each session vary between $ 80 and $ 200.

Prp application does not show its effect immediately. Stem cell stimulating factors will begin to be effective after a certain dose. Visible responses can be achieved after approximately 4 to 6 sessions.

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